Homemade Candles

Here is a really fun and easy project if you are looking for something to do! It is a little time consuming but the outcome is definitely worth it!


  •  Mason jar or any glass candle holder
  •  A metal boiling pot
  •  A glass thermometer
  •  A packet of candle wax (can be found at craft stores)
  •  Candle wicks
  •  Liquid scent (for candles, make sure it is not water based)
  •  Liquid dye (for candles, make sure it is not water based)


  1.  Melt wax in a double boiler and use the thermometer to monitor the temperature
  2. When wax is completely melted to 180 degrees (or instructed temperature) add dye and stir well.
  3. Let wax cool until its about 175 degrees (or as instructed) then add scent and stir well.
  4. Put your candle wick in your glass jar and pour about a cup of hot wax into the container. Let it cool for about 30-60 minutes then poke holes around the wick to let air escape.
  5. After you poke the holes, melt the remaining wax and fill the rest of the jar,making sure not to exceed the original fill line.
  6.  Let that cool and then cut the remaining wick to 1/4 inch and your candle is ready to burn.

I have done this project myself but I needed an assistant for some of the steps. It was pretty easy overall and the outcome is great! I used a Mason Jar and blue dye. We burn the candle a lot and it smells great! The only recommendation I have about the scent, is that you put more drops in if you want a stronger smell. I put the recommended amount of drops and it is a very faint smell when you burn it. Otherwise it was a great project that I would definitely do again or make someone as a present.

*Make sure to read warning label on the wax package because if you boil it too hot, it can catch on fire and if you put water on boiling wax, it can cause an explosion. So make sure to read the temperature you should not exceed.



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