Spring Decorations

Here is a fun and simple craft to make your home ready for spring. It will brighten the room and create a cheerful environment that your whole family will love!


  • One glass vase
  • Jelly Beans or Robins Eggs chocolates
  • Peep marshmallows (Bunnies, because they will work better than the chicks)
  • Tulips or colorful flowers


  1. Fill the glass vase half way up, or however much you need depending on the size, with Jelly Beans or Robins Eggs Chocolates (which ever you prefer).
  2. Place the marshmallow bunnies around the vase. You can put them in a pattern depending on the colors you get or just choose one color.
  3. Place your flowers inside the vase. Make sure the bottoms of the stems are all the way in the jelly beans because you want the flowers to be sturdy and not flop over.
  4. As an extra detail, you could add a ribbon around your vase between where the jelly beans and the marshmallows meet.
  5. Place the finished product as a centerpiece on your table for your family to enjoy. After the Easter holiday, or spring savor the delicious treats inside your vase!

A little side note: The jelly beans could be all different colors or you could choose just one color to put in the vase. The Peep bunnies can match your jelly beans too. You could choose colorful flowers to put inside your vase or you could choose one color flower to match your jelly beans and marshmallows. That’s the fun part- deciding how you want it to look! Leave it up to your imagination!



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