Homemade Candles

Here is a really fun and easy project if you are looking for something to do! It is a little time consuming but the outcome is definitely worth it!


  •  Mason jar or any glass candle holder
  •  A metal boiling pot
  •  A glass thermometer
  •  A packet of candle wax (can be found at craft stores)
  •  Candle wicks
  •  Liquid scent (for candles, make sure it is not water based)
  •  Liquid dye (for candles, make sure it is not water based)


  1.  Melt wax in a double boiler and use the thermometer to monitor the temperature
  2. When wax is completely melted to 180 degrees (or instructed temperature) add dye and stir well.
  3. Let wax cool until its about 175 degrees (or as instructed) then add scent and stir well.
  4. Put your candle wick in your glass jar and pour about a cup of hot wax into the container. Let it cool for about 30-60 minutes then poke holes around the wick to let air escape.
  5. After you poke the holes, melt the remaining wax and fill the rest of the jar,making sure not to exceed the original fill line.
  6.  Let that cool and then cut the remaining wick to 1/4 inch and your candle is ready to burn.

I have done this project myself but I needed an assistant for some of the steps. It was pretty easy overall and the outcome is great! I used a Mason Jar and blue dye. We burn the candle a lot and it smells great! The only recommendation I have about the scent, is that you put more drops in if you want a stronger smell. I put the recommended amount of drops and it is a very faint smell when you burn it. Otherwise it was a great project that I would definitely do again or make someone as a present.

*Make sure to read warning label on the wax package because if you boil it too hot, it can catch on fire and if you put water on boiling wax, it can cause an explosion. So make sure to read the temperature you should not exceed.



Cheep and Easy Project


Here is an easy fun way to make  a bird feeder!

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard empty paper or toilet paper roll
  • Peanut butter
  • Knife
  • Birdseed  (you can use any brand, size, or variety, but here is Pet Smart Bird Seed for under $6)
  • Ribbon


  1. Use the knife to spread peanut butter over the cardboard roll
  2. Pour the bird seed on to a plate and roll your peanut butter covered cardboard until it is completely covered with the bird seed
  3. Put the ribbon through the roll and then tie ends of the ribbon together in a knot. Make sure the ribbon is long enough that it will be able to hang long enough from a tree .
  4. Hang the roll by its ribbon on a tree.  If the tree is by a window you will be able to watch your new friends enjoy their delicious snacks.


Spring Decorations

Here is a fun and simple craft to make your home ready for spring. It will brighten the room and create a cheerful environment that your whole family will love!


  • One glass vase
  • Jelly Beans or Robins Eggs chocolates
  • Peep marshmallows (Bunnies, because they will work better than the chicks)
  • Tulips or colorful flowers


  1. Fill the glass vase half way up, or however much you need depending on the size, with Jelly Beans or Robins Eggs Chocolates (which ever you prefer).
  2. Place the marshmallow bunnies around the vase. You can put them in a pattern depending on the colors you get or just choose one color.
  3. Place your flowers inside the vase. Make sure the bottoms of the stems are all the way in the jelly beans because you want the flowers to be sturdy and not flop over.
  4. As an extra detail, you could add a ribbon around your vase between where the jelly beans and the marshmallows meet.
  5. Place the finished product as a centerpiece on your table for your family to enjoy. After the Easter holiday, or spring savor the delicious treats inside your vase!

A little side note: The jelly beans could be all different colors or you could choose just one color to put in the vase. The Peep bunnies can match your jelly beans too. You could choose colorful flowers to put inside your vase or you could choose one color flower to match your jelly beans and marshmallows. That’s the fun part- deciding how you want it to look! Leave it up to your imagination!


Easter Eggs


A fun activity for this time of year is dying Easter eggs!  After you have boiled the eggs for 10 minuets decorate and dye. Here’s an easy recipe for basic homemade egg dye:

  • 10 drops of food coloring(you can have more or less depending on the vibrancy you want)
  • 1 teaspoon of white vinegar
  • ½ cup boiling water

Leave the egg in the dye for 3-5 minutes or until it has become the perfect shade.  Also if you want the dye to be a different color adding lemon juice will create more pastel looking colors.  Adding more vinegar makes the dye more vibrant and bright.  If you want the eggs to be sparkly you can add some glitter in to the recipe.   Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and stir with a fork to make fun tie-dye eggs.

To decorate you can draw with crayons and the wax will stay on when you dry, also a white candle will work great for leaving drawings that will appear clear after they have soaked in the dye.  For stripes wrap a rubber band around the shell while it is soaking.

Have fun and get ready for the egg hunt Easter bunny!


Homemade Bars of Soap

Making homemade bars of soap is a craft that I have always enjoyed doing. It is easy to do and makes for a good time. You can make it as a fun birthday party activity or just something to personalize your bathroom with.


  •  Soap making kit, found at Michaels. (contains pre-made, clear Shea butter soap)
  •  Soap fragrance, found at Michaels.
  •  Soap colorant, found at Michaels.
  •  A microwave safe cup
  •  Soap molds
  •  A spoon to stir the coloring and fragrance into the heated soap
  •  Glitter if you want to add it into your soap

ArtMinds Soap Making, Shea Butter Soap ArtMinds Soap Fragrance, Honey AlmondArtMinds Colorant, Red, Blue and Yellow


  1. The pre-made clear soap found at Michaels is a block of soap cut into cubes that can be broken off. First, break off 2-3 cubes, depending on how much soap you want, from the block and put them into your cup.
  2. Heat the cup with the soap in the microwave for 40 seconds or until it is melted. Caution: it is very hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.
  3. After you take the soap out of the microwave, leave it in the cup and add a few drops of the soap colorant and fragrance into it and stir it all together. You can combine colors to make new colors. If you want some sparkles, add a dash of glitter into it. Be careful your soap doesn’t get too cool because the top will start drying. If that happens put it back in the microwave for a few seconds.
  4. Once you are happy with the color and sent, pour the soap into the molds.
  5. Let the soap cool inside the molds for about an hour and then apply gentle pressure on the mold to pop them out.
  6. Put your new soap into your bathroom and it is ready for use!

I have made this many times, especially when I was younger. It is a fun thing for kids to do on play dates or at birthday parties. It is not only for children though. This soap can look good in any bathroom because you can personalize it to your own liking. It is a great gift to give as well! I have been able to find all the supplies needed for this project at Michaels. If there isn’t a Michaels near you, try looking at a local craft store!


Homemade Purse

With an old pair of jean pants and a few accessories you can create new purse


  • Jeans(or any other kinds of pants)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • a belt(or two)
  • buttons, rhinestones, or other small accessories you can sew on to your purse
  • fabric scissors(regular scissors will work too if you don’t have any)


  1. Cut off the bottom of you’re the pants you are using with scissors. You want to cut in the middle of where the pockets are and the legs of the pants. Like in the picture above. This way the purse will be the perfect size
  2. Sew together the open part on the bottom of the purse(so your stuff doesn’t fall out)
  3. For the strap use the belt and sew the two ends on the inside of the pants around the two belt loops where your hips would be
  4. If you want to decorate the purse you can put another belt through the belt loops and sew on ant buttons you like anywhere on the purse

In the end it will look similar to the finnished purse at the top of this post but with your own personal style!

  1. EXTRA if you like how the jeans look on the outside but want the inside to be softer you can do steps 1 and 2 with a softer pair of pants such as yoga pants and sew on the bottom and two sides. This way the inside of your purse will be a solid color and surface you won’t have to worry about your phone or other objects you keep in the purse getting scratched by the button or zipper

I made a purse when i was a girl scout and around 10 years old and I still use it today.  This is a good activity for kids as long as you help them with the sewing by hand or machine because that could be dangerous.  Kids love learning how to create something that they could use all the time and is fun to make.This is not just for kids though this can be fun and fashionable for someone of any age!

DIY Picture Frame Chalk Boards

Picture Frame Chalkboards Here is an easy way to give your old boring picture frames new life. Add a pop of color to your frame and write messages or to-do lists inside of them! Follow the simple steps to make something old into something new and exciting!



  • Chalk board paint or a can of chalk board spray paint
  • An old picture frame
  • A paint brushes
  • A color of paint you want to paint your frame with
  • Chalk


  1. Get a can of chalk board paint that you can find at a hardware store, paint brushes, and an old picture frame.
  2. Take out the glass of the frame because you won’t need it anymore.
  3. Take the back of the frame out and begin painting it with the chalk paint. Paint a few coats so it isn’t too thin.
  4. After you have finished painting the board, use your colored paint to freshen up the look of your frame and give it a pop of color, depending on the look you’re going for.
  5. When its dry, place the board back together with the frame
  6. Wait 24 hours to write on your frame because the chalk board paint takes a while to dry all the way through.
  7. Draw or write on your frame then decorate your room with your masterpiece!

I have done this project before and it was pretty easy! Make sure you paint in the same direction, because brush strokes that are going different directions are really noticeable. Also, it is really important to wait 24 hours before you write on it because if your paint is not dry all the way, it will mess up the paint. I like to write to-do lists on my frame but I have also decorated it for my room. If you enjoy this, i have seen people paint walls or closets with this paint and written on them. It personalizes your room and makes it different from other peoples. It is an easy and fun craft to do with your friends!

picture frame chalk